SMP stands for

  • Schlüter, Müller and Partner.
  • a team of 50 highly qualified staff members.
  • high quality and innovation.
  • responsible and sustainable design of constructions.
  • 25 years of practical experience and a close cooperation with research institutions.


What we do for you

We consult comprehensively, plan every project with fresh engagement, develop individual solutions and realize new ideas in close contact to our contractors. Our range of services covers the complete bandwidth of structural engineering. With particular competence in the fields of structural dynamics, materials science and building physics we engage in existing and listed buildings and facilities, too. Our expert staff profoundly checks their actual condition, so that you can decide about possible steps.

Sensitive industrial facilities, like nuclear power plants, require high efforts on safety and efficiency. We supervise construction measurements at these facilities, so that they work reliably.


SMP Ingenieure im Bauwesen GmbH