What we do

We offer engineering services like:

  • consulting and planning
  • structural design (steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, wood, composite)
  • checking and proof engineering
  • type design examination (Typenstatik)
  • construction supervision, quality assurance, acceptance of work
  • preserving evidence, court surveys
  • structural conservation, strengthening, and repair
  • standardization activity and professional training


We are specialized in:

  • Building construction
    residential and commercial buildings, industrial buildings, hall constructions, research, educational and social buildings, sports facilities, plant engineering
  • Civil engineering
    bridges (internal and external prestressing, segmental and composite bridges), noise protection walls, silos and tanks, ship lifts, dams, weirs, wastewater treatment plants, cooling towers
  • Materials and building physics
    restoration, preservation and renewal (specialization in historic monuments), concrete technology and masonry, thermal insulation, energy saving, fire protection, moisture protection and sealing techniques
  • Structural dynamics
    seismic design of new and vulnerability evaluation of existing buildings, dynamic analysis and isolation (e.g. machine base vibrations, man-made vibrations), shock and vibration monitoring, design of buildings and constructions against shockwaves (explosion) and impact, Dynamic FE-simulations (modal analysis, time history analysis)
  • Special subjects
    complex static and dynamic structural analysis, failure and damage analysis (e.g. bridges, ship lifts, shell structures), proof engineering and construction supervision at nuclear facilities




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