Technical equipment

  • non-destructive testing and monitoring techniques
    • estimation of concrete strength
    • verification of the corrosion protection of reinforcement
    • localization of reinforcement inside of components
    • detection of corroding reinforcement (potential measurement)
    • detection of voids and other defects in concrete components (georadar, impact-echo, video endoscopy
  • devices and facilities for examination and testing in concrete technology
  • sample-extraction, conditioning, and material analysis
  • sensor for temperature and humidity measurement (also long-term measurements)
  • thermal imaging of buildings (infrared thermography)
  • measuring the airtightness of buildings for saving energy (blower door test)
Access to MPA inventory by close cooperation

IT / Software
  • software for structural and finite element analysis applications in all fields of structural engineering
  • specialized software packages like ABAQUS, Hypermesh, and PLAXIS for structural analysis:
    • special loads: seismic events, impact, thermal exposure, fire
    • modal analysis, time history analysis, nonlinear static analysis (pushover)
    • geometric and material nonlinearity (concrete, steel, soil)
  • inspections of bridges according to DIN 1076
  • software for all general problems in building physics as well as for specialized problems like thermo-hygro coupled mechanisms
  • computations in concrete technology (e.g. prognosis of concrete durability)
  • monitoring of buildings (e.g. measurements of internal stresses and restraint stresses, deformations, cracks, temperature, climatic exposure)
  • tendering an letting of building works (RIB Arriba)
  • CAD (AutoCAD/SofiCAD, Nemetscheck)
Shock and vibration monitoring
  • sensors and equipment for multichannel data logging of shock and vibration
  • software for various evaluation procedures (e.g. DIN 4150)


Programmsystem für die Analyse thermischer Probleme